A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

Have you ever thought about attending the General Assembly? Did you know that it is free if you just want to be a delegate? Did you know that this year we’ll be voting on moving forward with the new UU Principles and Values? Do you know we’ll also be voting for the UUA’s next President–the person to follow in Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray’s footsteps while celebrating the incredible legacy Rev. Frederick-Gray has made for our denomination?  

This year I will be honored in the Service of the Living Tradition as I celebrate receiving a Full Fellowship.  We are eligible for TEN delegates and we only have two slots filled. There is currently  an active campaign to defeat the new principles–the same ones that our board has affirmed.

Do you want to be part of history and be part of our movement? Please think about becoming a General Assembly delegate then.  

It doesn’t matter if you know a little or a lot about our larger denomination and faith. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of time–the sessions are recorded and you can vote anytime within a 24 hour period.  What we do as a Unitarian Universalist movement matters. It is important that UUCP–with our progressive values and our mission to be radically inclusive and justice-centered–has our full voice at the table.  

What I love about the General Assembly is getting to worship with thousands of Unitarian Universalists, the rich conversations and workshops about how our movement is changing, and the deep rituals of ministry. I always come away changed and energized about being a Unitarian Universalist.

Please consider applying to be a delegate and if you have any questions at all, reach out to me!