A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

It is almost the beginning of Pride Month, and our Progress Pride Flag has been taken. I find it interesting that in these times, that the Black Lives Matter sign hasn’t been taken, when surely we are still seeing signs of rampant and institutionalized racism and people are still working adamantly against it. The No Human is Illegal sign wasn’t taken even though we have seen the dehumanization of immigrants and asylum-seekers as Title 42 is removed and the needs at the border rivaled those at foreign refugee camps we see on TV.  

But right now, in our legislature, in the focus of White Christian Nationalists and in rhetoric, the target is our queer and–especially–our trans siblings. It is the place that the right has focused on, knowing that it is stirring up their base. Unfortunately, it is also stirring them up to harassment, violence, vitriol and hate.  

So for this Pride Month I wish all of our queer, non-binary, trans, lesbian, bi, and gay beloveds a joyful and pride-filled month. I am also wishing them safety and solidarity. I wish for all of us to stand up for our siblings that are so under attack right now. Remember, that the first pride was a riot at the Stonewall bar, led by a black Trans activist, Marsha P. Johnson. The symbol of pride is resistance, not merchandise.  

A quote from Claire Willett, regarding focusing on how trans and queer people are in danger in white text on a black background with a rainbow border.

As Claire Willett said in a tweet that is going viral, “For pride month this year can straight people focus less on “love is love” and more on “queer and trans people are in danger”. I love this quote.

A safe Pride for us all.