The Outdoor Group is a recreational and social group that meets the second and fourth Saturday during the cool months, plus New Year’s Day, to share an outdoor experience, primarily hiking. We welcome and encourage everyone interested in having some active fun outdoors to join us. No commitment is necessary. Come when you can, no excuses necessary when you can’t. For more information, please contact

The calendar for the 2019 winter/spring hiking season is available. Click the link below to see what’s coming up, and put it on your calendar now before you get too busy.

A big thank you to Todd and Stephanie Haughton for leading an energetic hike up Tom’s Thumb trail to the Lookout Trail in the McDowells. As you can see from the attached picture, we had an excellent turnout of 18 people!  Great views awaited all of us on top as we enjoyed our snacks. Many of us continued the conversation at Eggstasy for a bite of lunch. Fun time! Thanks everyone for showing up!

Cherie Stafford will be taking the lead on our next hike, March 23. The flyer is attached. I cannot overstate the beauty of the wildflowers this year. We have had them blooming since December, and they are better than I have ever seen them right now. Even the brittle bush and creosote are getting into a second bloom! This is the spring to be out hiking, and this is the hike to see wildflowers! This is a hike most will be able to do. Come join us. We know how to have fun!

In the spirit of being a welcoming community, we want to assure everyone that the purpose of the Outdoor Group hiking events is for everyone to enjoy the experience.

With that as a priority, our intent is to allow the fast hikers to move at their own pace.  We ask that someone from this group pause long enough at turns or forks in the trail so that no one will miss a turn.  The slower hikers will be allowed to move at their own pace with a sweep always in the back of the group so that no one is left alone or behind. (We do reserve the right to advise someone that a particular hike may be too difficult). We ask that everyone read the description of the hike and realistically evaluate their physical ability in relation to the hike offered.

Don’t forget a liter of water, hat, snacks, sunscreen, basic first-aid gear, treaded footwear.

It is not always possible to predict what may happen on the trail.  The group could be delayed for an unexpected reason.  Exercise requires fuel in the body, and eating before a hike is a must – for everyone’s sake who is on the hike.  Your trail snack — and you should always have something in case of delay — would do well to contain salty snack, sweet snack and protein.  Trail mix is the perfect choice with nuts, raisins, and chocolate.

$2.00 is collected for UUCP

Granite Mountain Loop Hike Flyer

Outdoor Group Calendar (Spring 2019)