The Outdoor Group is a recreational and social group that meets the second and fourth Saturday during the cool months, plus New Year’s Day, to share an outdoor experience, primarily hiking. We welcome and encourage everyone interested in having some active fun outdoors to join us. No commitment is necessary. Come when you can, no excuses necessary when you can’t. For more information, please contact

Saturday, January 12, was a beautiful sunny day, not the forecast cloudy day we had anticipated. Nancy Spence led 11 of us on a new hike on the backside of Usery Mountain. It was my favorite kind of hike with good ups and downs as well as some flat areas. This area was filled with a saguaro forest! The desert is absolutely beautiful this time of year – more so than usual. The brittle bush is still blooming, we are still seeing the occasional Mexican poppy, and purple goat’s head. One wonders whether the brittle bush will have another bloom in March. We will just have to wait and see. (Geoff plug in the picture here please.)

Some of us who carpooled from the Scottsdale Beer Company decided to take advantage of proximity when we returned to our cars. What better excuse to take time out for a good beer, lunch and great conversation with interesting people.


The calendar for the 2019 winter/spring hiking season is available. Click the link below to see what’s coming up, and put it on your calendar now before you get too busy.


The next hike coming up on January 26 is going to be a challenging one. Guaranteed to get your heart rate up and you breathing deeply, the hike up Black Mountain will reward us with some beautiful views. Phil Slater will be leading this one and there are very serious rumors that lunch may follow in one of the Cave Creek local eateries. Come join us. We know how to have fun!

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