Pollution doesn’t take a vacation!!  Earth Justice will have a petition to urge the EPA to set new federal limits on climate pollution from power plants.  Please stop by a table in the back of the sanctuary to sign on Sundays, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2 and 9/23.  

“The most important proposed rule is the new Carbon Standards for Fossil Fuel Power Plants. You may have heard of this, as the Obama Administration tried to regulate carbon emissions for power plants, the Trump Admin. tried to overturn it and last summer the Supreme Court limited the EPAs reach. However, there is a new proposal to cut carbon emissions, or “climate pollution”.

Here are the four rules are being proposed, and all are important, but the fourth is the one that deals directly with power plant emissions. You might start with that one. Thank you.

 If you’d like to sign all four letters on the proposed EPA rules right now, here they are:

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Standards here. (comment by June 9)
Light-Duty Vehicle Standards here. (comment by July 5)
Mercury Pollution Standards for Power Plants here.  (comment by June 23)
Carbon Pollution Standard for Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants here. (comment by July 24)

For more information, contact earthjustice@phoenixuu.org .