Prayer Rising at Oak Flat, Saturday, November 4, 8:00am to 4:00pm.

A Resolution Copper mine threatens to destroy Oak Flat. From the beginning of time, Apache Stronghold has grounded their resistance in the strength of their religious practice and spiritual relationship with the land.

Apache Stronghold asks people of other faiths to join them in this spiritual struggle. On November 4, Apache Stronghold will amplify these intercessions into a prayer-rising for the preservation of Oak Flat. Indigenous people will gather at Oak Flat to pray according to their ways. People of other faiths will also gather to encounter the Holy and to confront, through prayer, the forces of destruction brought by Resolution Copper.

Some notes about the day:

  • Gather at Oak Flat by 8:00 am to honor and hear the voices of the Indigenous people, along with words from Wendsler Nosie and civil rights luminary Rev. John Mendez.
  • Lunch will be provided. Please sign up at so they can plan accordingly. 
  • Come prepared for sunshine – bring water, hat and sunscreen.
  • The day will include a Prayer Walk for those who are able. Bring sturdy shoes and other things you will need for walking in the sun.
  • If you would like to offer a prayer, or song, please contact Rev. Carol Rose,
  • Clergy – please wear your clerical attire. 

Getting There:

Oak Flat is just east of Superior, traveling on US-60. Here is a Google Maps link for Oak Flat Campground.  

Carpooling is recommended.

Camping is available if you would like to arrive on Friday evening and camp. The campground is listed as closed and will have some type of closure at the entrance as that is for outside groups and it is reserved for the Prayer Rising group.

For more information, contact .