Last week was Earth Day. In recognition of the holiday we wanted to bring some resources to our community for creating healthier landscapes in their homes. The following links highlight a few different approaches to broadening species diversity in your garden or community landscape. Specifically there are lists for different types of host plants and nectar plants for butterflies, pollinator attracting plants and guides for certifying your garden. 

We hope you find these guides helpful and perhaps you can strike up a conversation with others about the importance of gardening for wildlife. 

Learn about what a Butterfly Waystation is, as well as how to create and register your garden as a weigh station. 

How to establish and certify a Monarch Waystation

The following link is to the National Wildlife Federations webpage. They have multiple resource link on subjects varying from gardening for wildlife to attracting pollinators  

National Wildlife Federation Garden Resources 

The Butterfly Magnets PDF is a PDF of a plant list and guide for planting pollinator friendly gardens in the southwest from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery:

The following link is from the Southwest Monarch Study. The webpage discusses building Low Desert Monarch Waystations and Butterfly Gardens

Lastly, the following links are for Host Plants and Nectar plants.



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