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About ROSAmerica

The mission of ROSAmerica is to prepare teachers to educate their students in the multiple histories and origin stories that reflect our nation’s multi-cultural student population. Our aim is to challenge the dominant narratives about our nation’s history as well as current events. This opens the door to teaching the wide range of origin stories that have formed our country.

Including the histories of many voices and perspectives allows students an entry-point into the material because the experiences of their ancestors are shared. They may come to see their teachers as trusted sources of information and education, as a result of this inclusiveness. And when students’ experiences and innate wisdom are valued as part of the American story, they make connections to the material they’re learning in school with civic engagement in society. In this way, students see relevance in learning this history. It becomes their connecting point for living lives of meaning, impact and compassion.

ROSAmerica offers professional development programs within a brave space to hold courageous conversations and to train educators to teach their courses through multiple voices and perspectives with sensitivity and respect. Using pedagogy and primary resources, experiences of education innovators, expertise from museum curators, etc., teachers will nurture their students’ curiosity to delve into complex histories and inspire them to shape the future.

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