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Rosie’s House is our Share the Plate Partner in July.

Founded in 1996, Rosie’s House mission is to eliminate barriers to high-quality music education for underserved youth in the Phoenix, AZ area. Rosie’s House believes that music education is a powerful vehicle for youth to form their identity, develop valuable academic and life skills, and connect to their community. Rosie’s House provides 600 economically-challenged youth ages 4-18 with weekly music lessons, loaned instruments and mentorship opportunities, all at no cost to their families.

Rosie’s House also offers free healthy meals to students and their siblings through a partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank. Through music, Rosie’s House support youth as they develop their full creative and personal potential. In a recent survey, 98% of parents reported improved teamwork in their child; 94% reported improved academics; and 95% improved social skills. 100% of May 2023 seniors graduated high school and continued to college studies, many with generous full-ride scholarships. To learn more visit or email

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