UUCP Stewardship logo on a white background.

In the act of protecting and being responsible for UUCP, we commit to be present and accountable for the care and preservation of our congregation. The Stewardship Campaign is the time to consent and be counted among the members and friends of UUCP. Thank you for being with us.

As we have shared, our financial goal for the Stewardship Campaign is $625,000. We’re off to a great start; thank you for your commitment and support.

If you have not taken action yet, please re-commit to Stewardship of UUCP, make a pledge, and setup a payment that fulfills a responsible investment. The electronic process is as simple as possible using a single page in our management system: www.phoenixuu.org/pledge. Additional information can be found online: www.phoenixuu.org/connect/give/stewardship/.

Please, share what UUCP means to you by recording a short video and submitting to stewardship@phoenixuu.org. Connect in our shared journeys by watching the videos we have received.

We look forward to learning all the many ways in which UUCP means something to so many.

For more information, contact stewardship@phoenixuu.org .