Join Kathy Manker & Bruce Gardner sharing their trip on the Route of the Vikings on May 13, either in the sanctuary at UUCP or on Zoom. (Note: masks are required while you are inside any UUCP building.)

Meeting ID: 839 5571 0401 | Passcode: 023529

May 13, 7:00 – 8:00pm

Follow the Route of the Vikings on a 3-week cruise with Kathy and Bruce. It started in London, England, and traveled to Dublin, Ireland, and then to Glasgow and the Scottish Hebrides Islands, making several stops there. Next was Iceland with 3 different ports, including Heimaey and its volcano, Reykjavik and a port on the north shore of Iceland. Greenland was next with 2 ports of call, and the Northern Lights. Finally came Canada, first in Newfoundland, then up the St Lawrence River to several stops in Quebec, including Quebec City and ending in Montreal.