Please join Barbara and Dave Cawthorne on February 10, either in the sanctuary at UUCP or on Zoom. (Note: masks are now optional at UUCP.)

Meeting ID:  871 8102 4474 | Passcode: 009230.

February 10, 7:00 – 8:00pm

Barbara and Dave Cawthorne explored cities on the ancient Silk Road in Central Asia. They visited many wealthy countries with large supplies of natural gas and cotton. During their trip, they saw some of the oldest cities in the world and these cities were the crossroads of civilizations for centuries.

In 14BC, Timur (Genghis Khan’s grandson) ruled the area. It was later annexed by the Russian Empire from 1881 to 1991. Notice the incredible architecture, interesting history, wonderful people in one of the most untouched tourist areas. Everyone is welcome.

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