We’re halfway through May! HUGE thanks to you all who have donated gift cards & money! We’re making this such a success & we are so grateful to each of you!!!

In addition to signing up for specific meals you can email gift cards to the Meal Train recipients—email addresses can be accessed by clicking the envelope icon on each Meal Train page. You can also donate directly to a campaign through the Meal Train site; after Meal Train collects a fee, the recipient(s) can withdraw the funds from the site.

For general support, you can donate directly to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, where they often order meal delivery gift cards for folks who don’t fit the Meal Train bill for some reason or other.

Our UUCP community shares journeys by supporting congregants with meals during challenging times and life transitions. Volunteers may choose to make a meal & deliver, or order take out for delivery; see the instructions in each meal train. If you’d like to help or know someone who could use some meals, please contact unicare@phoenixuu.org. Thank you!