Mountain with saguaro cactus in the foreground, cloudy sky

Led by Mx. Jezz

Thanks for joining us during coffee hour on February 20 to discuss your favorite rocks! February 28 will be our second Navigators meeting focused on Geology.

We will be sharing our thoughts on “wonder as a source” and how we connect our experiences with nature and the living world with our faith. As a group, we will also revisit the resource guide we made for this month. Visit our Facebook event page for more information.

We made this short video with Navigators leader Mx. Jezz and Navigator Jera to aid in our discussion of geology, so please take a few minutes to view it before joining the meeting. You might learn the answers to some of the questions we will be asking during our meeting!

You can easily join us on Zoom from a smartphone, computer, or tablet:

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Passcode: 707448 | Everyone is welcome!