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Led by Mx. Jezz

Our theme for the month will be camping. Camping can be one of the most foundational experiences of an individual’s life with nature. Camping gives us the opportunity to truly be in community with nature. In our camping meeting this month we will discuss some of the basics for camp food and the best supplies to bring. We look forward to you joining us to share your own stories and contribute to our discussion. We are hoping to have a few surprise volunteers from the larger Phoenix UU community join us as well.

Here are a few of our ideas and activities we recommend for this month. These activities can be for individuals and/or families. All are welcome to participate!

  • Discuss or meditate on how you relate to our 7th principle in relation to nature which states: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”
  • Reflect on a location that you have traveled to for camping and share 2 thoughts about that trip, positive or negative.
  • Pick a place in the United States you would like to visit and describe the climate there and what you would bring.
  • Practice making a list of the items you would bring on a camping trip based on the weather. Discuss the different number of layers you would need for a winter camping trip versus a summer camping trip. Make a practice list of these items. Another option could be reflecting on the items you packed for a recent trip.
  • Create a review (written or video) of a favorite camping meal you have! Tell us how you prepare the meal and why it is your favorite.
  • Research the differences between a National Park, a Preserve, a State Park and a Regional park. Visit their website and see if you can find where you would reserve a camping trip. For places that camping is not allowed, research why it is restricted in that location.

You can easily join us on Zoom from a smartphone, computer, or tablet:

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Passcode: 707448 | Everyone is welcome!