April, 2023 New Member Group

We welcomed 9 new members in April 2023.

  • Ed and Bonnie Dean
  • Mike Gattorna
  • Gillian Hamilton
  • Nigel Perez
  • Keturah and Ty Pettitt
  • Leo Stephenson-Brown
  • Herb Tucker
  • Mickey Tucker

Ed and Bonnie Dean

Ed and Bonnie Dean winter in Northwest Phoenix and spend their summers in Billings, Montana. In 2016, Ed retired as a cardiologist which is also about the time he developed kidney failure. In 2018 Ed was fortunate to have a friend donate a kidney and was able to return to a normal active life. Ed’s major interests include: golf, alpine skiing, hiking, cycling, weight training, tai chi, reading and chess. Ed and Bonnie are searching for an inclusive community where they can be their authentic selves. Ed and Bonnie believe that they have found that community here at UUCP.

Mike Gattorna

I was born on the north side of Chicago on 01/19/1952. The family moved to Kansas City in 1964 where most of them still reside, spread across the metro area. I’m an alum of the University of Missouri (1975) and lived afterwards in St Louis until marrying my life partner and best friend Cindy, from Des Moines, IA, in August of 1980. We immediately honeymooned/moved to Phoenix, Moon Valley, where we’ve lived and raised our 2 boys, Sean (was 29) and Ryan (32), in the same house since 1982.

Gillian Hamilton

Gillian Hamilton has spent the past 35 years studying Buddhism, beginning with a year in a Tibetan monastery in Woodstock NY. Gillian has three adopted children from Peru, China and Guatemala respectively, as well as a therapy dog, Sammy, and 3 annoyingly noisy cats. Gillian works as a medical director at Hospice of the Valley and spends her time now in the new Dementia Care and Education Campus, working with and developing programs for people living with dementia and those who provide care for them. Gillian is joining the UUCP because of a desire for a community here in Phoenix and the opportunity to do volunteer work within a community.

Leo Stephenson-Brown

Leo Stephenson-Brown is a 14 year old 8th grader. He was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and was adopted at the age of 2 joining parents Shelley and Keith and older sister Chloe. Some of his hobbies are violin, soccer, running track and drawing. He started attending UUCP in 2017, participated in Coming of Age in 2021-22 (from Helsinki, Finland), and takes part in the strings group and the Animating Faith class.

Herb Tucker

Herb Tucker was born in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated Maryvale High and Brigham Young University where he received a B.A. and M.A. in Theatre Arts, respectively. Herb spent 31 years working as a high school teacher, and also does volunteer work for the Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute since retiring. In 2009, Herb found the love of his life, Mickey DiBartolomeo and was married in 2010 and has been living happily ever since. Some of Herb’s interests include fishing, dogs, cooking and people.