The UUCP Nominating Committee is announcing a change in the officer candidates for Board of Trustees, with Bunny Hodas now running as President and Shelley Stephenson and Jonny Lifshitz as Co-Vice Presidents; all other officers and candidates remain the same.

Shelley Stephenson has just received confirmation that she and her family will be moving to Helsinki, Finland in the next year, and she has offered to serve instead as Co-Vice President, along with Jonny Lifshitz, until she leaves. We truly appreciate Shelley’s service and dedication to UUCP’s leadership. We know this is a wonderful opportunity for Shelley and her family and are so excited for them, but we will miss them very much.

You can review the names, bios and photos of all our candidates in our revised Slate of Candidates for Leadership Positions at UUCP 2023_2024. The election will take place at our annual meeting June 11th, after service.

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