A group of kids sitting on a stone wall while out hiking.

Thanks to everyone that came out to our March hike at the Hassayampa river preserve. Our next event is Monday April 10 at 6:00pm. We will be meeting in the Johnson room on campus for a screening of the newly released PBS film “the Weight of a Feather”. This film is both about the greater interconnected ecology of the desert and the role Liberty Wildlife plays in rehabilitating the deserts’ injured fauna. To learn more about the film and Liberty Wildlife please see the following links:

To see a promotional video for the film visit, “the Weight of a Feather” promo. You can also visit the Liberty Wildlife site to learn more. Looking for more? Check out this video of a rehabilitated Eagle being released back to nature by a Liberty Wildlife staff member. 

Our second activity for the month of April will take place on April 22nd, 10 am at the Liberty Wildlife campus. Join us as we get a firsthand experience of the Liberty Wildlife campus. We will visit the many animals that the sanctuary has on site to share with visitors. There is also an outdoor trail for us to walk down and see nature in the heart of Phoenix. 

Liberty Wildlife tour, 10am, 2600 E. Elwood St. Phoenix, AZ 85040

For more information, contact jezzputnam@phoenixuu.org .