Earth Justice Meeting Date Change for April

Sunday, April 2 - 1:30pm MST Because 4/9/23 is Easter Sunday, our regular monthly meeting will be held on Sunday, 4/2/23 on Zoom: Meeting ID: 929 0550 6684 | Earth We will discussing plans for Earth Day, possible book discussion, links to films and podcasts, and regular reports about other partner organizations.  Newcomers are welcome.

Current Meal Trains

Donna Talbot Family Meal Train Mar 30 - May 18. As always, your generosity is greatly appreciated. For more information, contact

Traveling 2nd Friday – Tour of the Holy Land

Friday, April 21 - 7:00pm MST Join us on April 21 in the UUCP Sanctuary or on Zoom, Meeting ID: 871 8102 4474 | 009230 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm for a review of Rev. Christine and her wife Karen’s trip to the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine in November, 2022. We’ll review the places, the historical context, the religious context for

Jim Scott’s “The Year to Save the Earth”

Sunday, April 23 - 10:30am MST “The Year to Save the Earth” – A Multimedia Experience by Jim Scott Mixing powerful songs and beautiful projected images, “The Year to Save the Earth” takes us from celebration to grieving, protest to positive vision for the planet. Jim Scott‘s lyrical melodies and outspoken poetry celebrate what’s beautiful, amazing, and fragile about this planet.

Book Discussion Group Meeting – 3/26

Sunday, March 26 - 11:45am MST The next UUCP Book Discussion Group Zoom meeting will be at 11:45am on Sunday, 3/26. The Group has selected its next book for discussion: It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism by Bernie Sanders. The group will finish its discussion of the Epilogue in The Quiet Before by Gal Beckerman. Then, it will begin the new