UUCP Stewardship logo on a white background.

A sincere thank you for committing to be present and accountable for the care and preservation of UUCP. With your participation, we consent to be counted among the members and friends of UUCP.

As of April 4, the Stewardship Campaign, has received $412,919 in financial commitments. Our goal, based on the projected costs for UUCP to operate at full capacity is $625,000. An additional $212,081 must be committed to avoid difficult decisions from the Board of Trustees.

In prior years, we received upwards of 240 pledges. We know that some can give more and some must give less, but we wanted to give an idea of where we currently stand in our commitments.

At this point, our team will be turning to contacting those who haven’t pledged yet and asking for their commitment. If you are one of those people, we would love to hear from you so we don’t need to call.

Review all our Stewardship Campaign details and materials. For more information, contact stewardship@phoenixuu.org.

Please commit to a responsible financial investment in UUCP today.

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