Our music director, Benjie Messer, will be taking sabbatical this spring and summer. He’ll leave on Jan. 1, and return on Aug. 1. Using this extended time for study, reflection and rest is a tradition for religious professionals, and we’re pleased to offer it to Benjie.

During that time, Benjie will take a complete break from the roles and responsibilities of being our music director, including being in touch with us. Please do not contact him during this time.

Many folks will be helping fulfill Benjie’s job duties in his absence. Take a look at our Music Sabbatical Personnel to get to know them! You’re also welcome to read our Sabbatical Delegation Plan, which lists each of the music director job duties and assigns it to a member of the music sabbatical team.

Benjie says, “Thank you all for the opportunity for this break, and the assurance that I can return to the job in August. I look forward to resting deeply, and to developing as a musician and artist.”