Coming of Age

Next Cohort Begins August 2021!

The Coming of Age program is a powerful component of Children’s Ministry at UUCP. We are building a strong Coming of Age program and your creativity, initiative, and passion as mentors are a key part of its success.


Coming of Age (CoA) provides opportunities for youth to deepen their sense of spiritual identity in the context of our congregation. Youth also inspire and challenge the adult members of the church to examine their own spiritual values. We have an obligation to offer meaningful, faith-based preparation for this huge life-stage transition between childhood and youth, between “no longer but not yet.” (Adapted from Canadian Unitarian Council)

Goals for the Program:

This year long program aims to help youth articulate their beliefs and values and the intersections with Unitarian Universalism.  It offers youth new ways to experience Unitarian Universalism and UUCP, as they prepare for the transition into adulthood. It provides a supported space to explore varied belief systems, community structures, and faith identity.  

This work includes:

  • An exploration of youth’s personal beliefs, what it means to be UU, and how these two concepts intersect.
  • The youth create a personal credo statement and feel a deeper connection to UUCP and the denomination as a whole.


We will be asking youth to consider:  

How does spirituality fit in your life?  

Who has shaped your ideas of faith?

What are your personal beliefs and values?

Who is your UUCP community?  

What does full membership at UUCP mean?  What can it mean for you?

Hey!  Awesome UUCP Community Member:

  • Are you looking to make connections across generations?
  • Are you invested in growing Unitarianism?
  • Do you think middle schoolers are rad?
  • Have you considered teaching as part of an RE team, but want a small group of students?
  • Did you ever have an amazing mentor?
  • Have you seen our CoA Kids present their Credos and thought “I wanna be part of that!”?
  • Has someone already asked you to be their CoA mentor?  🙂


If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider becoming a Coming of Age Mentor.  

Mentors can support youth by:  

  • Affirming and recognizing youth by being present for your mentee  
  • Including the youth in the life of the congregation  
  • Finding common ground  
  • Taking on the role of trusted adult friend

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