Your Civic Engagement team is inviting people to email in support of housing justice before September 6. Phoenix is voting on two amendments to legalize casitas (accessory dwelling units) and reform parking mandates to address our housing shortage. 

Parking mandates require builders to provide a minimum number of parking spaces—some cities, for instance, require bowling alleys to build 10 spaces per lane! Parking mandates are a big barrier to housing because a space costs $10-$80k to build and means 400 fewer sq ft that could be someone’s home. They also explain why Phoenix is so car-dependent. Visit The Vicious Cycle of Parking Requirements, and see What Is Parking Reform? to learn more.

NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard) have been fighting these reforms, so we appreciate your support.

Phoenix residents, find your city council member and email them and Include your address.

Non-Phoenix residents, email and mention what city you live in.


Dear Mayor Gallego <and city council member>,

I’m a Phoenix voter at <your address>. I’m writing in support of Z-TA-5-23-Y (legalizing casitas) and Z-TA-8-23-Y (right-sizing parking mandates).

<2-3 sentences about why you support these amendments. See What Is Parking Reform? for some ideas>

Possible talking points

  • I’m concerned / worried about
    • how expensive it is to live in Phoenix
    • the lack of affordable housing
    • the environment / sustainability, that it’s hard to live car-light or car-free because our city is auto-dominated
    • extreme heat because asphalt jungle / urban heat effect from parking
    • safe streets, that our city should be more walkable

Thank you,

<Your state legal name>

For more information, contact .