Spiral bound notebook and colored pencils on wooden desk overlaid with Maryland School logo

“Oops—We don’t have enough markers for this project.”

“Our pencil sharpener is broken. You will need to use whatever you have until I can get to a sharpener during my lunchtime or after school to sharpen a batch.”

“This has been such a tough week in my classroom. I’m wondering if anyone out in the community understands or cares how much mental and physical energy it takes to work all day with 27 fifth graders? It’s exhausting—but these kids have so much potential.”

There are so many things teachers could tell us if we had a conversation. As school starts on August 8, we want to let the staff and students at Maryland School know that we are here to support them. How can you help? Visit the Maryland School Supply List and donate some much-needed supplies!

Email us at maryland@phoenixuu.org if you have any questions.