The Hamidis will be spending their first holiday season in the US, and although they are Muslim and do not celebrate Christmas, they will certainly experience how festive our culture becomes at this time of year, and the Refugee Team will introduce them to some of the traditions of the season.

We ask your help with the gift giving part, to honor their presence in the US and all they have accomplished since arriving in May. The Hamidis are a family of eleven, with nine children from age 2 to 19. Father and oldest son (age 19) hold down good jobs at a furniture making factory, at which they are skilled, but with such a large family their close-to-minimum wages do not provide much discretionary funds. We would like to provide each member with a gift card or two to buy something of their choice. The six school-age girls, who are doing extremely well in school, in particular would like clothes and art supplies; the two pre-schoolers need books and toys. The adults need clothes and hygiene items.

To help support this family, visit the white holiday tree at the back of the Sanctuary from December 3 – 17 to drop off a $25 gift card from Walmart or Target or make cash or check contributions. You can also mail a check to UUCP with “refugee fund” in the note line. Please make sure to mail your donations by December 18. To donate online, visit

Your generosity in supporting this wonderful family is much appreciated, as we show them a way that love and care is expressed by this congregation.

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