Our participation in the community partnership to support Maryland Elementary School has been growing for many years now. Among the activities that have prospered is the school garden. We have provided supplies and volunteers so that hundreds of students could participate in instruction and hands on experiences to learn about the interdependence of plant and animal life and our role in this as humans, from putting a worm in the garden box and watching it disappear to picking lettuces to make a salad or turnips for vegetable soup to serve the class.

The school is planning to expand the whole outdoor education model and involve the entire faculty and all students, encouraging and mentoring them to spend more of their learning time outside in all areas of the curriculum. We are supporting this ambitious project through Share the Plate during August 2023 by helping purchase additional tables and benches for use in the outdoor classroom areas. Research shows and many stories are told about how being in nature impacts the well-being of all humans, and particularly children. You have probably experienced this yourself.

If you have time during the day, enjoy kids and gardening, please consider joining the garden team which meets regularly with classes on Thursdays and Friday. Please email Cathy Kim at maryland@phoenixuu.org to let us know of your interest, get more info, or ask questions.

You can also donate directly to the UUCP-Maryland School Partnership fund.