Outdoor group members gathered at the Sunset Crater campground; "UUCP Outdoor Group" sign in the foreground

Reserve your space now for the Outdoor Group Campout at Sunset Crater O’Leary Campground. There is limited space, and this is a popular event only four weeks away!

The schedule of events:

Friday afternoon and evening, people arrive and get set up. Everyone is responsible for their own meal; however, there are several tables under shelter to share space and conversation.

Saturday morning a group hike led by Stephanie and Todd Houghton. This hike is generally about two three hours long with a break midway for a snack, is on uneven ground, is uphill, and is through beautiful forest. You will need to be able to hike for an hour plus with only short stops for water. If this is too much hike for you, there are several very easy and moderate hikes in the Sunset Crater National Monument that you may do as an alternative.

Saturday lunch, everyone is on their own.

Saturday dinner is the hotdog roast and campfire (if it is allowed). Bonnie and Ed will be bringing the hotdogs, buns, vegan dogs, corn tortillas to wrap dogs for gluten-free needs, all the condiments (ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, mayo, chopped onions, shredded cheese). We will also supply paper plates and napkins. We also bring the s’mores fixin’s! Don’t worry. We have a back-up plan for the hotdogs if open fires are not permitted!

Please bring your own silverware and drink glasses. Everyone bring a side dish to share if you are able. Please have this food ready to serve with whatever means you have at your campsite. If it needs to be heated, please plan on heating it up before you bring it to the dinner. For those of you without refrigerators, there is a Safeway on Highway 89, about 20 minutes from the campground where you can get whatever you want to bring to share.

If the Forest Service allows for a campfire, we will have one! If you play a musical instrument and want to bring that along for music around the campfire, that will be welcomed.

Sunday morning everyone supplies their own breakfast. We can all gather with our breakfasts to the communal tables and share space and conversation. Everyone packs up by noon to head home or wherever!

The reservation for our space is $328.70, and Ed and I are happy to do it. There is no charge for you to camp; however, if you are able to chip in $20 or so, Ed and I will appreciate the help.

This is one of the best UUCP community experiences. Kids are most definitely welcome! Pets are welcome if they are well-behaved and quiet. The great outdoors, wonderful people, great conversation, shared meals – it doesn’t get any better!

Register Now!

Please register so that we know who will be joining us.

Memories from the 2017 Campout at Sunset Crater

For more information, contact outdoorgroup@phoenixuu.org .