Maryland School logo over photo of outside of building

After a week of professional development and preparation, staff at Maryland School will welcome students back to school on Monday, August 9th. Thanks to the generosity of our community partnership, including UUCP, supplies will be ready for the beginning of instruction. We treated staff to a special luncheon, in appreciation for their dedication to the year ahead, and there was an outpouring of gratitude for our partnership.

Although staff and students will be back in person, visitors (such as volunteers like us) will not be able to come on campus for at least the first quarter through mid-October. This is so disappointing for everyone, but understandable because of the continued threat of COVID infection. Students and families will need extra support this year, the garden continues to thrive, and we want to be able to share that with students—but it will have to wait until the virus is better under control.

When visitors are again allowed, we will need more volunteers to tutor students in classrooms, help in the garden, and engage in family events after school.  Consider the possibility of helping out in this special school community, and we’ll let you know when we are able to start up again. For more information, contact Cathy Kim at