Great Seal of the Navajo Nation overlaid on blurred image of red sandstone mesas | UUCP Service to the Navajo Nation

Recently we were in touch with our friends in the Navajo Nation and received a request for some supplies, with this report:

“Vaccination has definitely been helping, however after winter break in January there was a surge in the number of positive cases. The supplies [we take] to positive families are slowing. But I’m always trying to keep 6 boxes available with assorted PPE items / supplies for COVID positive households. These days people are helping each other more and more. However, we have been assisting families who have no running water or are getting electricity through an extension cord for their nearest relatives. These same families often have no transportation either. Their sense of hope is restored to know that Faith-based organizations are collaborating through the youth programs to ensure the “lowest people on the totem pole” are seen and loved. Often times, I’ll pray with the mothers and fathers, even entire families and I see their faces radiate when they get basic supplies. Your help is greatly appreciated. Those who have the means to give are blessed. Those who receive feel blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With loving regards—”

This organizer is also beginning some camp days with their Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program to provide spaces for their social life, which has been so limited in the last two years and needed some resources for that.

This week we delivered supplies and are very grateful to those folks who donated to the Minister’s discretionary fund for this purpose, shopped for items, and delivered them to Holbrook. It is wonderful to know that we are supporting a program that is having success in encouraging families to help each other move through difficult times and circumstances, and building a stronger community of young people who are connected and helpful to their larger community.  Many thanks to UUCP generosity!