A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

This week, I am attending the UU Ministers Association’s Ministry Days–four days of worship, recognition, discussion, fun and collegiality between UU Ministers. Like the General Assembly this year, it is all online, and It immediately takes me back to the pandemic, watching my friends and colleagues online on a small screen while I sit alone in my office. This year, I am getting the benefit of all of the excellent content of Ministry Days, but with the company of some of my favorite Arizona ministers at an AirBnb in Tucson. Yesterday, after worship and the recognition of our colleagues who are celebrating 25 and 50 years of Ministry, I hosted an online dance party with 9 of my colleagues from across the country. It felt good to just dance with each other, as we held our party from the pool out back.

Today, we will be recognizing those who are new to ministry as well as those who are retiring. We are also dedicating babies, knowing that children who grow up with pastors as parents have a different experience in our denomination. This afternoon we will be having discussion groups on specific topics–I’m facilitating a group of ministers who are exploring Spiritual Direction along with their ministries.

Later this week, we have seven delegates attending a virtual General Assembly. While there will be more “business” at that, I hope they also find it invigorating and thought-provoking.