I will never forget the first time I marched in a Pride Parade. My kids were younger (maybe 8 and 10) and my mom marched with us. My younger son and my mom held the banner and I was so proud. What was so amazing to me was how many members of the congregation showed up for it—gay and straight members, young kids and their families, our single adults—people of all ages. But the ones who touched me the most were our older adult members. Irma was 85 and Ben was 78 and they needed a step stool to get up into the flatbed, but they were there! 

I love talking to people, sharing the love and seeing the waves. I love the reaction that people have of seeing a religious community participate when so many churches are preaching against their very existence. I love representing the love and inclusion of Unitarian Universalism. It is a powerful experience. This is why I love marching in Pride Parades.

Because Phoenix has their Pride Parade on Sunday mornings, you have two choices this coming Sunday. You can come to worship and see me preach on our year’s theme of Hope and Liberation in Latin X Catholicism (it will be recorded beforehand, but I’m sure it will be inspired) OR you can come join us at the Pride Parade—which will also hopefully be livestreamed into the service.

Either way, I hope you will use the opportunity to reflect on how we can share our optimistic and inclusive love with the wider community.