UUCP September Navigators text over photo looking up at sky through conifers

Our next Navigators meeting will be on September 26 at 6:30pm. We hope you will join us on Zoom: Zoom ID: 849 3528 7782 | Passcode: 707448

Great news from our UUCP Navigators group: we registered our church as a location on the Nature’s Notebook website! As a group, our youth will now be able to record scientific data about the changes in fauna and flora around the UUCP campus. At our next meeting, we will be reviewing our data forms and learning a few more details about the Nature’s Notebook website. We will also be selecting a date and time for our first in-persyn observation day on campus. For additional information on our September theme, see our earlier announcement below. We hope to see you soon!

Hello! UUCP Navigators is excited to announce our fall meeting schedule. In addition to our online programming we will be announcing a few in-persyn events this fall and winter. While we do not have the specifics of these events just yet, we want to provide an overview for folks of events to come. 

Tentative In-Persyn Events: 

  • A guided walk at the Rio Salado Habitat to observe their Monarch weigh station
  • A guided easy hike at the Jewel of the Creek Preserve 
  • A guided more challenging, yet still family-friendly paced hike at South Mountain to the Hidden Valley

For our September Navigators, we will be focusing on community-based science. We will be utilizing the observation-based science program Nature’s Notebook. If you would like to get a head start for our September activity, please access the Nature’s Notebook website and create an individual account. Please be aware that this initial step may be easier via a home computer or tablet as opposed to a mobile device. 

We will discuss the potential for conducting observations as individuals and as a group. We will also introduce the idea of how to utilize our UUCP outdoor campus as an observation location. We look forward to working with our Navigator families and individuals on this!