Minister's Discretionary Fund | UUCP Share the Plate

Reverend Christine uses this fund for needs in our congregation and the community that might not otherwise be met with congregational resources—especially for those who are in crisis or have immediate financial needs.

Within our congregation, the fund has been more critical than ever this year. It has paid bills for those who have lost their jobs; covered medical procedures for those without insurance; and continued to pay for food delivery for those who have been so sick, especially those with COVID, that they can’t go out themselves.

In the community, these funds have also continued to help the Navajo Nation with food and winter supplies. In addition, we’ve been providing meals for refugee families as they have gone through the Welcome Center here in Phoenix.

This is the only time of the year that money is requested for this fund, although donations are always welcome and have been generously offered this year. We appreciate your generosity as we support each other with compassion and care.