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The Maryland School is a Title 1 school that has a long connection with UUCP. Many of our members volunteer there as tutors, garden cultivators, and in other important roles. Music is the universal language and the dominant way many people learn. The Maryland School has been able to hire two outstanding new music teachers and it would mean the world to them to start the school year knowing they will have the supplies they need to succeed!

The Maryland School’s music program has been mostly defunct for several years and it is in great need of:

  • Repairs to instruments
  • New instruments (child-sized)
  • Accessories such as strings and bows and music stands
  • Sheet music

About Maryland School

Maryland School services pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students. Located in the heart of central Phoenix, Maryland was constructed in 1954 during the post-WW II housing boom. While renovations and remodels have ensured students benefit from the technological innovations of the 21st century, the school maintains its historic charm.

Classrooms are large to accommodate varied groupings and activities, and nearly every classroom enjoys the benefits of large windows and natural sunlight, which research has shown increases achievement. All classrooms use SMART Board technology and students have access to 1:1 technology use for their learning. To learn more, visit Maryland

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