Phoenix Pride logo, "Phoenix Pride Parade", photo of UUCP group at the parade Oct 16, 2022, photo by V Myers

Phoenix Pride Parade Recap & Photos

What a great time we had at the Pride Parade on Sunday! We had almost 50 UUCP folks and friends there, with banners inviting all to check us out and signs with our 8 principles. The crowd was abundant and so happy to be gathering and together. They were glad to see a house of worship

Phoenix Pride Parade

The Phoenix Pride parade is Sunday, October 16, at 10:00am. Please plan to be in the staging area by 9:45am. Our float number is 181. The approximate location to meet is on Oak St between Virginia and Sheridan. If you would like to carpool meet at UUCP parking lot at 8:45am to carpool to the