Topic: Imagination

Use Your Imagination!

Imagination is more than just a daydream. It’s a dynamic tool that can be, and should be, used to better your life and our world. Heidi Singer is a UUCP member and Worship Associate.

Reimagining Fatherhood

Father’s Day: The metaphors we use to understand our experiences actually shape our reality. It is exciting to see the ways that images of fatherhood are changing as that opens up new opportunities and appreciations for fatherhood in all its forms. There is even a … read more.

Auction Sermons: Levellers Today:

Levellers were Christian Socialists, explore the theory and maybe connection of Dr, King’s philosophy to this movement. Could also be called the Radical Jesus and those who came after? : Francis Wiget, the auction winner, requested an exploration of the Christian Socialists of 17th century … read more.

RE Sunday – 2015

Share in the celebration of our Children’s Ministry program and all of the wisdom and gifts that our teachers and the young people of the congregation bring to our Unitarian Universalist faith and community.