Let’s all pat ourselves on the back for 20 delivered meals since we recommenced at the beginning of April! Wow!!

Collage of photos of newborn with parents "Welcome Baby" in center on green balloon
Cambria, Alec & Carli Burke

The Burkes—baby photo collage attached!—would like to say that all three of them are so extremely grateful for the meals, gift cards, and kind words they’ve been “showered with.”

They say, “It’s given us more time to enjoy being together as a family, since we aren’t cooking & cleaning as much! Cambria is so lucky to have her UUCP community to support her as she grows. Thank you all!!!!!”

Great work everyone! Thank you so much!

This is the last week of the Katie Resendiz & family meal train, and we have extended the Burkes’ meal train based on our amazing participation! Only Thursdays for them starting this week. We have also added a new meal train for Andi & Rose Couet-Pascoe.

Our UUCP community shares journeys by supporting congregants with meals during challenging times and life transitions. Volunteers may choose to make a meal & deliver, or order take out for delivery; see the instructions in each meal train. If you’d like to help or know someone who could use some meals, please contact unicare@phoenixuu.org. Thank you!