UUCP NAVIGATORS - MUTUAL AID - Monday, December 13th 6pm

Monday, 12/13/21 6pm with Mx. Jezz

December’s UUCP Navigators meeting will focus on the act of “Mutual Aid”. We will discuss the different ways individuals and communities can pool resources and take collective action to help others in need. Everybody needs help sometimes, right? To begin looking at Mutual Aid a little more, here are a few activities you can do as an individual, with friends or as a family.

  • With the help of an adult, access the Mutual Aid Hub website, select a town or city on the map, and explore the different options for “Mutual aid” that are offered there.
  • Try imagining these questions playing out in your life and discuss what the best possible outcomes for each question would be for you:
    • What is something you are good at that you could do for a friend to help them out?
    • What tasks do you find frustrating or hard to complete that you wish you had more assistance with?

You can easily join us on Zoom from a smart phone, computer, or tablet:

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Passcode: 493309 | Everyone is welcome!