Sandhill cranes in flight over a field.

Thank you everyone that came out to our February Navigators Social meeting. It was the first time we held a meeting on the campus of UUCP. We were able to brainstorm numerous ideas for future events. We hope to get at least a couple more outdoor activities in, prior to the summer heat. 

Our next event will be our hike at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. This event will be taking place on Saturday, February 25 at 5:00pm. In addition to our hike in the area, there is also the possibility to incorporate Star Gazing at the preserves’ observatory as well. This opportunity will be based on the weather. A meetup site will be released next week. 

Beside the informational hike about Flora of our desert region, the preserve is also host to many different species of fauna. 

You may use this link for a Map of preserve and list of bird species.

Additional information on the Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory can be found here.

Our group is trying to do its best to accommodate all age groups and levels of physical ability. As we learn this process together it is our goal to improve each activity as we move forward. We recognize there is a vast difference in age abilities and fitness levels and we are doing our best to accommodate all levels as much as possible. 

Our March theme for Navigators will be Habitat loss and animal rehabilitation. We will hold a zoom meeting on Monday March 13, at 6:00pm.