Dear UUCP Beloveds:

Oh what a time this is! 

We are in a most “interesting” time with UUCP. We really hoped that we could open in September but then the Delta Variant came. And then the numbers started improving and we put out our re-opening guidelines, hoping it would happen in a few weeks… and then the numbers went up again. While we are a very highly vaccinated congregation, there is still risk and we are trying to find the right balance between safety and the psychological needs of the congregation. 

To be honest, it’s been challenging. In some ways, it is harder than just knowing we were going to be closed all year last year. This is the land of unknowing—of preparing for something but not knowing when it is going to happen. And the many variables of the Delta variant, breakthrough cases and vaccines make it harder to know what the “right” thing is. And it has been hard to get excited for something and then have it not happen—several times. It is the time of planning, but also of “planning is cancelled.” 

And yet, we need to plan. And we need your help to plan. We would like to know your thoughts on a few aspects of re-opening and we would also like to ask you to consider volunteering so that we can be prepared when we do re-open. Supporting worship with both livestreaming and covid protocols means that we need more people to help out. 

Please take 10 minutes to fill out the attached google form survey—please have each person in your household fill out one—even if you have kiddos. Let us know how you are feeling. And if you think you will feel comfortable returning to in-person worship, please consider volunteering to make it happen. This is applicable to members, friends or even if you’re just found us recently. And if you are not comfortable returning to in-person worship when it is available, please know that we will continue to support you with online worship, programming and pastoral care. We are committed to make this transition as accessible as possible. 

And finally, we want to give you a big thank you—again. Thank you for your words of support and your immense patience. Your UUCP staff is working very hard to continually adjust and problem-solve. And we know that you are as tired of this pandemic as we are. And yet you keep responding with kindness and solidarity. We appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. 

Rev. Christine Dance and the UUCP Staff