We are thrilled to welcome Nick Laux (pronounced “locks”) as our new Communications Coordinator. Nick brings over 20 years of professional experience at large corporations and small companies in website design and development, and has a rich set of skills in coding, graphics, and communication. Nick started with us on September 27 and will be working 20 hours a week. You can reach him at nicklaux@phoenixuu.org. Nick will be working out of his home in Southern California and will be joining the staff team periodically when needed. When not managing our communications and technology, Nick is starting a motorcycle school and is a bassist in a heavy-metal rock band. 

THANK YOU to Ann Ezzell, who has been working with UUCP for over a year in a volunteer capacity. Ann built our gorgeous website, integrated Compass with it, empowered communications within our teams, set communications procedures, helped us with Google Workspace and… well, did everything else. Always with her curiosity for how things can work better and what people need and her positive attitude, Ann helped us grow so much during this time and lays out a great stage for Nick. Ann will retain her tech@phoenixuu.org email and will still be helping with Google Workspace, assisting Nick as needed, and doing special projects for Stephanie. Thank you so much Ann—we are so grateful. 

We are sad to inform you Belinda Clark has resigned from UUCP. Belinda served as our Sexton for 13 years, since 2009. Belinda was known for her Kitchen Ministry, where she had kids and adults of all ages help her as she dispensed wisdom and direction. Her magic was making community space out of nothing and, through her, we got to know her amazing family as well. Belinda’s last Sunday with us is October 2. Please stop by the kitchen to give her your thanks. 

We are pleased to announce that Sage Fisher is stepping into the role of Sexton. Sage started helping set things up during the pandemic and has been working with Belinda since coffee hours came back in April, and then again in September. Sage is the grandson of Dale Fisher and has been around UUCP since he was young. He is kind, helpful, and problem-solving and we are thrilled to promote him into this position.