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March 15 this year marks three full years since the first UUCP live streamed COVID-era service. Comfort and community has been delivered to wherever you were from staff and members in their own local and remote locations. Over time and space, UUCP has proven an enduring progressive legacy in Phoenix and beyond. Thank you for accepting the responsibility to care and preserve our congregation today and into the future. The legacy we leave will be evidenced in the recorded programs, values we live into, and the examples we set in the larger community. We have set and achieved our goals year over year because you made it possible. 

Nigel standing on a porch with mountains and trees behind him.

Our friends and members are recording their own reflections on what UUCP means to them. Take a moment to listen to Nigel Perez remind us what UUCP means. Others have shared their thoughts in service and by video; take a moment to record your own and submit to stewardship@phoenixuu.org

Progress bar chart displaying our current results in the stewardship campaign drive.

We are at least ⅓ of the way towards our $625,000 Stewardship Campaign financial goal, with approximately 70 pledges received! Thank you for your commitment and financial support. Please take a moment to make a responsible financial investment in UUCP.

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Additional information is online: https://www.phoenixuu.org/connect/give/stewardship/. If you have any questions, trouble, concerns, please email giving@phoenixuu.org for assistance.

For more information, contact stewardship@phoenixuu.org .