A picture of a door with construction signs at UUCP

Phase One of Construction is underway, and our building is undergoing massive changes! Here is what you need to know! 

The deadline for handing over keys to our new tenants is August 9th so things will be changing rapidly. These communications will be to keep everyone in the loop as things shift and adapt over the next three or four weeks. 

The biggest change is with our toddlers. Since rooms are deconstructing and moving, there will be no dedicated and safe space for our littlest friends during July. Let’s be extra welcoming and radically inclusive as they join the adults and children in the sanctuary during services. 

Room 9 is now both storage and ready for meetings for Adult programming during the construction phase. 

All rooms beyond room 9 are under construction and closed off to our community. There is signage on all the doors to that effect. Please respect the boundaries for the safety of all.

While we’d love to complete the bigger projects sooner than later, we will be fiscally responsible in waiting until we’ve raised those funds to proceed, so pledging and paying in increments or later in the year is just fine. Please email your intention of support to renovation@phoenixuu.org. Or if you’re ready to pledge or donate now, you can access the pledge form directly.