We will meet on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 1:30pm via Zoom:
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HB2101 is a bill to overturn a law currently on the books that allows SRP and APS to arrange with other power companies for them to use their grid for distribution. Currently, Green Mountain Energy, an all clean energy company (solar), would like to do so. If passed, HB2101 would make that impossible, and would make current power companies have a monopoly on energy production, distribution and profits in AZ. Please use RTS for this or contact each of your elected representatives.
SRP is having an election for Board members in April. The deadline to request ballots if you are an SRP customer, is early March. These may be requested online through SRP, Early Ballot Request Form. There are a number of environmentalist candidates running for seats on the Board and Council that will be open soon. Please participate.

News- Your gas-powered stove may be more damaging than it looks. A Stanford University study found that gas stoves leak significant amounts of methane even when turned off, contributing more to global warming than previously thought. It measured the emissions of 53 gas stoves and found that around 80% of the appliances’ methane leaks happen when they’re turned off. The age and brand of the stove didn’t matter.
–Gas stoves send about 2.6 million tons of methane into the atmosphere each year, the study found.
–Methane contributes far more to global warming than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (around 80x more, in fact, although it doesn’t linger as long).
–Nitrogen dioxide, which can trigger asthma and other respiratory issues, also leaks from gas stoves.
With about 40 million gas stoves in the US, researchers estimate that the appliances have the same effect on climate change as about 500,000 cars (there are at least 250 million registered cars in the country). They suggest to an electric stove, or having a professional tighten your gas stove’s connectors.