Close the Gap! with chart showing amount still needed; email to help

In order to act in all the ways that support our values, we need to support ourselves, including our staff, to be able to make our programming a reality and fulfill our commitments to our community. We are working on a zero balance budget and making sacrifices in order to live into the budget and prepare to renew our commercial credit line which includes our mortgage. We all agree that we would like to do more. But first we must meet our budget goal.

At our annual meeting on June 9, we approved a budget of $610,000. We are currently $10,800 short of that goal.

From our original ask of 200 pledging units, we now just need 36 pledging units to contribute $300/year or $25/month to finish out the remaining $10,800.00 and Close the Gap to reach our 2024/2025 budget goal of $610,000.00.

Please send an email to:

In that email, state your name and what you would like to add to your current pledge. We will handle all the necessary adjustments within our system. If you have auto payments set up through your bank, you will need to adjust those after you have notified us via email.

If you have not yet made a pledge for this year, please send us an email, and we will get your information into the system. For those who are already doing all they can—we understand and thank you. For those who can do more to help out, please consider it. Whatever you can give, you are joining together in community to make our UUCP community garden grow.

With Love and Gratitude,
Reverend Christine and the Board of Trustees

For more information, contact .