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In order to act in all the ways that support our values, we need to support ourselves, including our staff, to be able to make our programming a reality and fulfill our commitments to our community. This upcoming year is critical to create growth within our UUCP community.

At our annual meeting on June 11, we approved a budget of $595,000. We are currently $65,000 short of that goal.

Together, we can Close the Gap!

You are essential to our success! We need 200 people to join us in the next two weeks and our goal toward closing the gap can be achieved. We, your Minister and your Board, believe in all of you, and your ability to manifest our values.

Close the Gap Campaign

We need 200 people to pledge $15 more a month. That will raise $36,000 and cut our deficit in half. We need you to be one of those people. If we all pull together, we can do this! Here’s a breakdown:

$15/month = $3.75/week = only .50/day
$15/month x 12 months = $180/year
200 pledging units x $180 per year ($15/month) = $36,000

By Monday, June 26, please send an email to:

In that email, state your name and what you would like to add to your current pledge. We will do all the tech work within the system. If you have auto payments through your bank, you will need to adjust those, after you have notified us through email.

If you have not yet made a pledge for this year, please send us an email and we will get your information into the system.

For those who are already doing all they can—we understand and thank you.

For those who can do more to help out, please consider it. Whatever you can give, you are joining together in community to make our dreams possible.

With Love and Gratitude,
Reverend Christine and the Board of Trustees

For more information, contact .