Maryland School logo over photo of outside of building

School starts on Monday! Teachers have been engaged in meetings and preparing their classrooms all week to be ready. Students will be both nervous and excited as they come on Monday, and teachers will be feeling the same way.

“Will I get to sit by my friend?”

“I’m new here—will anyone be my friend?”

“I think 7th grade is going to be really hard—I don’t know if I can do it.”

“What will the students in my class be like this year?”

“How many of my students will be below grade level and need extra help that I don’t have time to provide?” 

As community partners, UUCP can show our support for Maryland School by helping in a variety of ways. To find out what you can do, visit our UUCP-Maryland School Partnership page, and view the school supplies wish list if you’d like to donate.

Email if you have any questions.