A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

UUCP is so lucky to be getting a Ministerial Intern! Read here to learn more about Brigitta, if you haven’t heard the good news.

I remember my Ministerial Internship so well as it was a transformative experience in building my ministerial identity. The congregation took so much pride in creating an environment where I could experiment, screw up, ask questions and learn. My supervisor (a late career-changer herself) gave me lots of opportunities to take a leadership role and saw that my greatest opportunity for growth was to have confidence in what I had to offer UU ministry.

I developed a great relationship with those who gave selflessly to serve on the Internship Committee to create a feedback and processing space for all that I was learning. And I still feel connected to all of the members who invited me into their lives and hearts for that short year.

I am so thrilled that Brigitta Vieyra is going to have that same opportunity with UUCP. While supervising an intern is a responsibility that will take a lot of my energy, Brigitta will also be able to help with the many exciting initiatives that we have going on and maybe take some things off my plate.

Over the next month, we will be busy putting together the best possible infrastructure for Brigitta to succeed–getting her office ready, setting up orientation meetings, and clarifying expectations. We have multiple ways for you to be involved in her internship–giving a donation to support paying her a fair (although meager) salary, volunteering to be on her Internship Committee, or giving her a warm welcome when she joins us.

I believe that congregations are where we grow hearts, change minds and practice how we wish to be in the wider world. I look forward to how we are doing all that and more to Brigitta and any Ministerial Interns who follow her.