Join the Fundraiser at UUCP - Saturday November 11 at 5:00px - All Board! UUCP Auction 2023

We are asking for volunteers to help get UUCP Station ready to party! Please take a look at the list of tasks and sign up for one that you like. There are both morning (9:00am-noon) and evening (4:00pm-9:00pm) options. The evening options include dinner! Most jobs need 2 or more folks. Team up with someone you know or plan to meet some new friends. This is both a FUNdraiser and a FRIENDraiser!

It’s also time to register to attend the event. Registering in advance will help us plan for refreshments the night of the event, and will help us get you checked in so that you join the fun as soon as you arrive. Of course, if you can’t register in advance, we will still be happy and thankful to see you! Visit our fundraiser page to register.

For more information, contact .